‘Oddballz Apps’ Creates Educational Iphone & Ipad Apps for Kids

Created by parents, Oddballz at the Circus is a playful,educational app that reinvents the old parlor game “Exquisite Corpse.” Oddballz at the Circus is a character building game for babies, toddlers, and big kids to play on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.  This fun, interactive app allows children to build new characters while they mix and match different heads, bodies, and feet to make their own circus characters.  Along the way, they can poke the animals to make them roar, chirp, or tweet, touch a ball to make it bounce, and find many other surprises.  As more characters are completed, more numbers and surprises are revealed.

Oddballz Apps provide a unique opportunity for language, cognitive, and motor skills development for kids, while they exercise their curious and growing minds having fun and being creative.   Oddballz Apps are great for a wide range of ages, keeping toddlers intrigued with the sights and sounds and older kids occupied creating their own unique favorite characters.


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